Jiangsu Hongbo Electric Power New Energy Co., Ltd. is an enterprise focusing on the research and development, manufacturing and sales of new energy power equipment. Founded in 2015, the company is at the leading level at home and abroad from software research and development to hardware support to system integration.

The supporting products developed and produced by the company include: power energy storage system PCS/BMS, 35KV/10KV/6KV dynamic reactive power compensation device SVG, GIS high-voltage 110KV/220KV grid-connected system ZF12, booster substation system (European/Huabian), Medium and low voltage grid-connected system, prefabricated cabin, intelligent photovoltaic AC/DC confluence system, grounding varistor cabinet, grounding transformer DKSC, secondary equipment protection system.

The company cooperates with well-known state-owned and private enterprises such as Huadian, Guoneng, Chint, etc., and can make general bidding or general contracting for photovoltaic new energy power generation projects, and the project development cooperation is flexible and diverse.

The company's technical research and development team has strong technical force and advanced research and development system. The technical research and development covers all fields of photovoltaic new energy power generation supporting power integration systems. With the core technology of independent intellectual property rights, it can improve the security of system integration, reduce system maintenance costs, improve the efficiency of new energy utilization, and ensure the economical and safe value of new energy systems.

In the future, the company will focus on the development of new equipment products with energy storage system integration, aiming at capacitor energy storage, and then expand domestic and foreign markets, and continue to provide customers with advanced technology, excellent performance and stable quality photovoltaic new energy power supporting system integration equipment, to make Hongbo New Energy's due obligations and contributions to green mountains and clear waters.


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